Friday, November 07, 2014

No excuse November

I didn't intend to set a November goal for getting my act together but, as luck would have it, as I turned my calendar to November, I finally turned over a new leaf.

It has been a long four months. When I hurt my knee in July, it never occurred to me that I would still be dealing with the injury in November. But here I am, well into November, still going to physical therapy.

It isn't ideal.

But I'm getting there.

My knee is now at the point where I can tolerate activity. A good deal of activity. (And my toes, thankfully, are less painful than they are bruised and hideous.) So, rather than take another rest day, skip another trip to the gym, baby that knee a little more, I'm moving. 

I've been to the gym more times in the last week than I did over entire months since my knee injury. I joined a new soccer team. I'm ready to register for my annual Thanksgiving race. 

I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to do this. I was scared that I had lost my motivation entirely. 

But I didn't. I healed enough that getting back on track was just, naturally, the next step. Food: better. Exercise: routine. Laziness: at a minimum. 

There's hope for me. 

I have moments when I'm still frustrated and hurting and limited but I am mostly healed. This is the maintenance phase. This is where I keep going to physical therapy even though I am so over physical therapy (so over physical therapy that I tried to break up with my therapist again yesterday). This is where I get my knee to 110% so that I don't end up re-injuring it in a few months. 

This is where things start looking up.


JBean said...

This is good stuff. Maybe this injury has been affecting you emotionally as well and now that you're feeling better you may feel hopeful in other areas too!

ALYS said...

I hate when injuries hold you back from enjoying the things you love and you feel guilty about not being active. However, November sounds good, keep positive!

bluemoon said...

So glad you're on the road to improvement!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Hooray! Being well enough to be active is a huge deal! I am so glad that you can get back to doing the things you love!

Unknown said...

That's alright. I'm sure you'll beat that thing real soon. Just keep your game face, and keep to all those therapies and your knee pain will be disposed of in no time. Take care always!

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