Thursday, November 06, 2014

My Serial problem

I was totally going to blog yesterday, you guys, (I think I might finally be busting out of my writing funk) but then: Serial.

I am not a podcast listener. And I love NPR but I love NPR for the news. News news. Not entertainment news or any of the crap. Give me the real stuff. I love it. Morning Edition, every morning, thankyouverymuch.

But then I heard the rumblings about Serial on the interwebs. And I do appreciate a good crime drama. And I would like a little bit of variety in my treadmill listening. And I did need something to fill the silence while I cleaned the living room before my soccer game.

So I turned on the first episode.
And the second.
And the third.
I listened to the fourth on my way to and from my soccer game.
And the fifth while I got ready for physical therapy this morning.
I listened to the sixth episode after PT, while I got ready for work.
And I took in the seventh episode when I got to the office. (While I did some filing that I've been putting off for six months.)

Oh, and I should confess: I was definitely planning on saving the seventh episode to listen to at the gym tonight.     

I am obsessed.

It's only a matter of time until this turns into a Serial blog. I would hate to lose any readers so probably you guys should start listening, too.


ALYS said...

I don't know anything about NPR, but decided to give it a listen, and you're definitely right - it's so addictive! I'm going to be listening to this on my evening runs now!

bluemoon said...

Just downloaded the first one to check out, maybe at the gym later! :) Thanks for the rec!

Sabrina said...

Ok seriously, I was going to blog about this today but decided I'd wait after the latest episode. I'm so hooked to Serial!

Rabia Chaudhry has her own blog and she's been writing about the episodes with her own facts (but won't "spoil") I recommend it.

k said...

I've been listening too. Episode 7 was just long enough for today's walk to work.

I listen to This American Life a lot - mostly when I am cleaning or doing other chores around the house. If you are looking for something to hold you over til next week's Serial - there was an interesting story this week (it was actually from their archives)
called My Pen Pal - about a girl from Michigan who was pen pals with Noriega.

Anonymous said...

Random question - you posted about a gift someone gave you that you kept in your office. And watered. Lol. Fuzzy details, I know. What on earth was it?

A said...

Wheeee! We can all be Serial nerds together forever!'s only a matter of time until I fall into This American Life. (I actually already downloaded the My Pen Pal episode. Ha.)

A said...

MARIMO! My good luck friend! Here's a link to the one Lucy bought me:

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I never listen to podcasts because I am not in one place long enough to listen to much these days since I don't have a commute. But everyone is raving about this series so I feel like I should check it out!

bluemoon said...

Just listened to the first episode and am hooked. Starting the second one! Thanks for the rec. :)

A said...

HA! I'm so happy you're hooked and also feel like I should apologize for it! :)

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