Friday, November 14, 2014

My feet are cold

Look at these pants.

If I am at work and I'm not in a dress or a skirt, I am wearing some variation of these pants.

They are flattering on me. And they're comfortable. And they're washable. (I can get quite dirty at work.) And I don't have to get them tailored.
I wear my pants with heels or with flats, depending on what I'm doing or who I'm meeting with or what else I'm wearing or the current status of whatever soccer injury I'm nursing.

But now it's November. I live in Michigan. My feet are cold.

Buying a pair of booties makes the most sense. They're trendy but not ridiculous and my feet could be cozy and warm this winter.

Except this is how I look in booties.

Like a dumbbell.

Okay, so pretend that I don't have a top half for a minute. Because we're just talking waist down. 

I have a booty. And, wearing a pair of booties, makes me really big at the top and really big at the bottom.

Trust me when I say it isn't cute. I tried. I honestly tried. I tried hard to make the booties work because my feet are cold. Booties look ridiculous on me.

I don't know what to wear on my feet. (Do I just go with boots? I feel like every outfit with boots looks so similar because it's An Outfit With Boots.)

My feet are cold. It's only November.

Maybe I just need to give up and buy different pants.


Anonymous said...

For me there are three keys to making booties wearable.

1. Slim Fit (nothing slouchy)
2. Same color as pants (requires trouser socks of the same color as well)
3. Wedge Heel

ALYS said...

I have a similar problem, but I find laced ankle books work well (because I can tighten them at the ankle, so they don't look too big). I also find an almond toe shape helps.

I don't know if they have a similar store where you are but I bought these recently...,10/1183000078 (I have these in black and brown)

And these, which I love with skinny jeans (plus they're really comfy),10/1782650015

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Burr! It's cold here, too. Those kind of pants are most flattering on me, too, but it's just too dang cold to wear them right now, unless I can pair them with boots which doesn't work with every outfit.

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