Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Graduation Day

I finished physical therapy today.

I first injured my knee 133 days ago and, if I had known then that I would be rehabbing my knee well into November, I would have spontaneously combusted.

There's something to be said for not knowing the future.

Tomorrow, on my first day as a physical therapy graduate, I will run a 10k with my sister. Who is a physical therapist and will probably ask me how my knee is but that's beyond the point.

I was strangely sad as I dropped into my PT clinic one last time this afternoon. I was dropping off a gift for my physical therapist and another for the clinic's staff to share because that's what I do and, as I drove away, it felt like the end of something and it made me sad. Physical therapy has gotten to be quite the routine the last 10 weeks. (Do anything three times a week, 10 weeks at a time and it will start to feel familiar no matter how much you loathe it.)

If I'm being perfectly honest: I'm nervous about life after physical therapy. I'm nervous about landing right back in physical therapy. What if I slip during the race tomorrow and I tear that ligament again? What if it happens next week at my soccer game? Or on a patch of ice in my driveway? I don't know that I have it in me to start over again.

But, then again, I don't know that I'll have to.

And constantly worrying about an injury helps ward it off, I'm pretty sure.

So I'm all set.

More than all set. Hyper-paranoid all set.


Danielle said...

You don't stop doing the exercises just because you are not setting appointments. Even when my leg was strong pre-op, I was doing all my PT routine at least once a week. It also helped gage if my strength was slipping.

Keep up the exercises at home or at the gym, you'll thank yourself for it! So will your knee!

ALYS said...

I hope the 10k goes well!

I don't think we can really ward off injury, but it shouldn't stop us from doing the things we love, and you clearly enjoy the exercise and miss it! I hope the healing continues to go well.

k said...

I've had no recurring problems from my torn MCL. I would just keep up with strength exercises.

When I was nearing my the end of my PT and ok'ed for a run, I managed to fall off the curb and hurt myself. When I came to my next PT session, I told my therapist that there was good news and bad news - the bad, I sprained my ankle, the good my knee felt fine.

Elliott said...

After 3 knee surgeries my advice is to not think about it or baby it. That's when things go wrong. Keep you muscles strong and focus on the activity, not the injury.

You're a goalie, so you know's kinda like when someone says you've got a shutout puck goes in...everytime.

Don't think, just play.

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