Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Dude Food

It could probably be argued that I spend too much time with my parents. It's rare that I don't see them over the weekend and, lately, I've been having dinner with them during the week.

On Tuesday nights, I make dinner at their house. I play hockey late on Tuesday nights, so making dinner and visiting with my parents is a good activity between leaving work and going out for hockey. Otherwise, I am tempted to get in bed and read. And fall asleep and miss hockey.

I also do it to give Mom and Dad a bit of a break. They do a lot for me, so the least I can do is make a regular meal.

Bonus for my dad: it gets him out of making dinner on Tuesdays, which he's assigned to during the school year.

Bonus for my mom: it gets her out of eating my father's notoriously bland, half-assed meat and potato meals.

The hardest part about Tuesday night dinners is picking out something that my father will genuinely like. Now, my father is not an idiot. He won't say a word but he'll push his food around on his plate and take a few nibbles and make some excuse about having a late lunch.

But I would rather he actually like what I make so, I look at recipes and toss out anything that has fish or beets or too many vegetables or is related to any type of Asian cuisine or is otherwise good. (The rule of thumb is basically this: if it's something that my mom and I would reallyreallyreally love, he wont.)

So I'm careful with rice. He doesn't really love pasta. Mostly he just wants to gnaw on a large hunk of beef. Which is exactly what I never want to do. (And never want to eat.)  

Hockey season runs between now and the end of March; there is plenty of time to try out new recipes while we suffer through the winter. And my hockey season. (MY TEAM IS SO BAD.)

If you have a recipe that is not fancy and therefore something my father would appreciate, I am taking suggestions.

I am also begging for suggestions.

I will repay you by recapping all of the recipes I tested out on my father so that, together, we can overcome the challenge of cooking for the picky adult in our lives.

Yes we can.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Well, this is a crockpot recipe, but it's made using beef... And it's interesting but not so weird that your dad will be turned off by it (hopefully). http://glutenfreegoddess.blogspot.com/2008/01/beef-in-pomegranate-sauce.html

I think it's lick-your-plate good!

Right now I am making beef stew, but it's a 3 hour process as it's something that slowly cooks in the oven so it's not a week night friendly meal... We rarely eat beef, but it's so cold here so I am craving something hearty and warm.

Danielle said...

Tacos with ground turkey?

long time lurker said...

Trying to think of things my kids will eat: meatball subs (usually use ground turkey), seconding the taco suggestion, sloppy joes (ground turkey) on buns, oven baked chicken tenders, breakfast for dinner (omlettes and bacon or sausage)...

Anonymous said...

Here are a few things I have tried that turned out well. My very picky nephews ate them. :)



http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ree-drummond/brussels-sprouts-with-balsamic-and-cranberries-recipe.html (Actually, the kids eat many veggies if sauteed in balsamic vineager. Balsamic carrots and onions is another favorite.)

ALYS said...

My parents are Asian, whereas my Dad has acclimatised to life in the western world (it has been over 20 years), my Mum hasn't, she ALWAYS has to eat Chinese food - rice with vegetables and meat, nothing creamy either, as she's lactose intolerant. I know the feeling when you have to cook for your parents!

I know the last thing you wanted to eat is beef, but have you tried beef wellington? You could serve with roast potatoes, glazed parsnips, carrots and peas?


Maybe confit duck?


Pork belly always goes down with the men in my family!


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