Monday, November 10, 2014


One hundred years ago (three years ago?), I made a series of questionable decisions that resulted in this one day where I was naked with my coach.

Who is also the son of someone on my team.

Who is also a guy who I had initially tried to set up with my sister, Meg.

Like I said: questionable decisions.

Alexander moved away and then he moved back and so he's coaching my team again.

Earlier in the fall, I got the standard flirty texts. He tested the water once or twice. I brushed him off. He invited both me and Meg to his Halloween party. (I presumed it was just to up the female count on the guest list.) We didn't go.

I called Meg late on Friday night to recap what had happened with Grandpa. She had a game so she left as soon as she dropped my mom off to drive Grandpa home; we didn't have a chance to debrief. When I called, it was loud and I could hear a dude in the background and it was clear that she was at a bar. I hung up.

She sent me a text message a few minutes later.

"I am having a drink with Alexander because he came to my game. So there's that. He was who answered your call."


Shit is about to get awkward.


Anonymous said...

i am so confused. THE Coach?? Meg was out with THE Coach!?

A said...

Nope. Not THE Coach but a coach. (I can understand that this would be confusing.) (Especially since they coach the same sport.) (Apparently I have a type.) (I disgust myself.)

Anonymous said...

Don't be so hard on yourself. If you don't have any regrets, you haven't taken enough chances.

A said...

But being hard on myself is my #1 skill!

...which I'm working on.

Kari said...

Not sure why this would be awkward -- he's not trying to get both of you in bed at the same time.
Chances are it will never come up between Alex and Meg. If it does -- she won't make a big deal out of it.

Anonymous said...

Does she know about your past with him? She can't, right?

Anonymous said...

ooooh yes. i remember alexander too! still not cool! but thanks for clarifying. :) i figured i must've missed something HUGE if THE coach had moved back!

A said...

Nope, Meg doesn't know. But I'm preeeeeetty sure I have to confess to that before anything happens between them. Which should be fun.

Kari said...

You don't need to confess. If it comes up -- deal with it in a very casual manner.

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