Thursday, October 09, 2014

About Physical Therapy

I was going to quit PT today.

I talked to my sister (she's a physical therapist) about it, told her my plan to get discharged. I'm better to a point, but there's still nagging pain that hasn't improved. My insurance sucks and I don't want to spend all of my money on physical therapy. I'm sick of going. It will probably improve on its own anyway. I am definitely quitting.

She didn't tell me that I was a total idiot for wanting to quit, so I went to therapy this morning for what I thought was the last time.

Here's how I got to that point: I played hockey on Tuesday for the first time since I injured my knee in July. It didn't go anywhere near as well as I had expected it to go. (I played soccer for the first time on Sunday and that, actually, was okay.) I left the rink entirely pissed off about the whole situation. Really angry. And I decided to quit PT. Which might not seem entirely logical but if I'm putting in the time and I'm not getting better and it's costing me a shit ton of money? Fuck it. I'll deal with what still hurts and spend the money on clothes and headbands and other goods to make me feel better about having a bum knee. Logical.

Upon breaking the news to my physical therapist, he was like: um, no. Because this is how it starts, Alyson, and then eventually you quit hockey because it hurts your knee and your skip out on stuff because it bothers your knee and then all of a sudden you're sedentary and unfit.

I think he's underestimating my willingness to play through pain.

I suggested that maybe he didn't want to discharge me because I am a reliable patient who never skips appointments and does everything asked of me and also happens to be exceptionally fun. Nope. Not the case. He didn't even confirm that I was fun! Go somewhere else if you want, he said. Just don't quit.

So contrary to my plan, I am apparently staying in physical therapy and continuing to amass an enormous bill.


Also I am such a sucker that after my appointment, where he told me a sob story about spilling his entire Starbucks coffee the minute he got to the clinic this morning, I dropped him off a new one.

Stockholm syndrome, boys and girls.

Empathy for my captor's caffeine addiction.

And I'll probably get billed for going back to the clinic. 


Danielle said...

I hated physical therapy. I hated resting. Although your injury is different than mine, when I was actively going to PT 2x a week, I was doing my exercises almost every single day when I wasn't there. It sucked not being able to do things I wanted to do, but I did what I could, accepted my limits, and worked on my stupid amateur exercises. Swim walks helped a lot, but I have a love/hate relationship with the pool.

I also rested and iced a lot. Although, I don't have much of a social life anyway, so that helped.

However, my physical therapy consisted of me doing the exercises and then they would do some manipulation, but mostly massage and then ice and stim. Couldn't you just cut down to 1 therapy session every other week and do the rest on your own?

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ugh, that sucks that you are still dealing with pain despite going to PT - and racking up lots of bills in the process. :( Being injured SUCKS. I guess in some ways I was lucky because I didn't need PT but I hesitate to use lucky to describe any aspect of 2013 for me. ;) I hope the PT starts to work soon, though. That was super nice of you to drop off a Starbucks for him, though!

Mark Wallace said...
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Mark Wallace said...

While physical therapy can be quite exhausting, it really helps, especially for injured people like you. In my opinion, you should listen to your therapist. Yes, it's your body, but I think he knows better about your condition. In any case, I hope that you are faring better and that you are following all your exercise regimens religiously. Take care! :)

Mark Wallace @ Chiropractic Memphis

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