Wednesday, September 24, 2014

What I'm crying about today

I have a few planter boxes just outside of the front door of my condo. They came filled with weeds and really awful lava rocks. I finally made time to clean out the rocks a few weeks ago. (It's amazing what a knee injury will do to free up your time.)

And I am pleased to announce that it is no longer the 1980s in my flower beds.*

When my grandma came over to see my condo, she promised that she would dig some plants out of her own garden for my flower beds. Then, she got excited (my grandmother loves gardening) and whipped out her plant catalogs and ordered bulbs to fill out my planter beds.

While I was at work yesterday, Grandma went to my condo and planted all sorts in my garden: the bulbs she ordered, ferns, hosta. All relatively low-maintenance, all 1,000% better than those damn lava rocks.

So much of it is right out of her garden, which I love. I love Grandma's gardens and I will love having a piece of them in my own.  

I stood outside this morning and admired her handiwork. How lucky I am, to have my grandma. How fortunate, that she's 80 and she can still garden.

It's enough to make a girl cry a few happy tears.

*Actually, it's still kind of the 1980s. There are two really awful association-issued shrubs that flank my front porch. I've submitted a request to have them removed.


my life is brilliant said...

Love this! So sweet, both of your grandma and you.

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