Friday, September 05, 2014

The saga continues

The groundhog saw his shadow. I repeat: the groundhog saw his shadow.

Translation: two more weeks in my knee brace.

And an MRI order and directions to ice my knee, like, all the time.

I am very much over this.


k said...

Has there been any discussion of PT? I remember also being super frustrated with my recovery when I tore my MCL. After that second meeting with the doctor, when I was vocal about my frustrations, he sent me to PT. I don't know if that actually sped it up, but I at least felt like I was moving forward. In PT we basically worked on my balence and on strengthening the muscles around my knee so that they could stabalize my knee better. And then did some ultrasound therapy.

JBean said...

Ugh this royally sucks! I'm so sorry to hear this. If there is a bright side perhaps it's that you can devote more time to eHarmony?!? I kid! Keep your head up :)

A said...

No discussion of PT yet. I'm not exactly sure why (this doctor has prescribed PT to me time and time again) -- maybe too early? I will inquire with Meg about why this might be because, honestly, that's the route I assumed that I would be traveling.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ugh... that sucks SO MUCH. I am sorry. I know how heart breaking it is to go in hoping for good news and getting bad news. I cried A LOT in my podiatrists office last summer as every appointment ended up being such a let down for me. :(

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