Friday, September 12, 2014

Sundays are for

I may or may not have another first date on Sunday afternoon which, okay, is perfectly fine but also: ALREADY? I swear that I'm still exhausted from last Sunday's date and I swear that I'm not just being dramatic.

I haven't heard from last Sunday's doctor gentleman and I am not particularly worried about it. Which either means that I wasn't that into him or that I'm being, like, incredibly chill and otherwise like a Modern Single Woman Who Dates Many Men. Or maybe realistic. Maybe I'm just being realistic.

It honestly wasn't that I didn't like him but more that it was pretty obvious that he doesn't often see the outside of the hospital where he's finishing up his residency. I plan to give him a minute before I proclaim that he has truly awful taste, delete his number from my phone and burn the clothes* I wore on our date. But not many minutes.

What I won't do is give up on doctors entirely. When I went to the hospital for my MRI this morning looking like I had just rolled out of bed because I had just rolled out of bed, I had a front row seat for the parade of attractive men in scrubs and lab coats.

It's a good look.   

*I wore my favorite skinny jeans and those will be spared.  


Sabrina said...

You probably weren't into him. In theory, it's easy to say "I'll date/talk to lots of men and then it won't bother me when someone I like doesn't text me"... but it's much harder to accept.

Dating extensively over the years in some ways has dulled my pride... I only save it for guys I care about. If the ones I didn't like never contacted me, I consider it an efficient use of both of our time :)

JBean said...

Look at you! You are an eHarm pro already!!! Even if you're not really into the guy, it's still tough and I think rude on their part to not say anything post date. I always would follow up with a 'thanks for coming out' type text just to be nice!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I hope tonight's date goes well! I think that the fact that you weren't upset that you haven't heard from the doctor means you probably aren't that into him... which is totally ok! I hope you have fun tonight!

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