Monday, September 29, 2014

Speaking Up

I've had a couple of sessions of physical therapy and my knee is feeling pretty good.  This morning, I got the okay to try soccer next weekend. I'm already nervous and excited about it.

I'm seeing a physical therapist that works for the same place Meg does, just at a different location. Over the weekend, she was asking me what my new therapist was having me work on. I told her all about the exercises that I do, the stretch that he did that hurt more than any other stretch has ever hurt in the history of stretches (I am being completely serious) and how he used the ultrasound machine to help with the swelling.

"Well you can tell him to stop with that," Meg said. "Just tell him 'since research shows that that machine would be just as effective in reducing swelling as if you held it up to my knee with it off, I think I'll pass.'"

She said that her boss still uses ultrasound, too, but it's an old school technique.

I promised that I would bypass the ultrasound machine in the future, if that was her recommendation. Meg's good at her job. I trust Meg.

And then he plugged in the ultrasound machine this morning and I didn't say a word and let him ultrasound away for eight minutes of my life that I will never get back. Plus the $10 or so that I will be billed, since I have a 20% copay on my physical therapy visits.

I am so pathetic.

Requesting that change to my treatment was so little. So minor.

And it was also my health.

And I can't even stand up for myself in this situation.

It's really no wonder my life is as it is.


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