Monday, September 15, 2014

So about that date

It was basically a bust.

But it was good practice. I was 90% less nervous than I was the week before despite this date being 90% trickier because we were lacking in the strong shared interest that the doctor and I had; we both really love watching soccer and when it doubt: talk soccer.

With this week's guy, it was more like: when it doubt, talk about the weather.


He's a nice enough guy. We have nothing in common but our marital status and the fact that we both need oxygen to survive.

He had said he goes running frequently and so I assumed that he meant that he was, like, a runner runner. I asked him if he was training for anything assuming he was probably training for the half or full-marathon that's here next month.

No, he said, though one of my friends wants me to do the Color Run with him. I might do that next year.

The Color Run is an untimed 5k. 

Everyone has to start somewhere and a 5k is usually where you start. I know this. But my inner running snob was totally laughing at that attempt to impress me.

So I'm a brat.
A brat who kind of hopes to not get asked out again. 


Sabrina said...

Yeah the Color Run requires zero training. I ran it on an injured foot against explicit doctors' orders not to run because it's NOT A RUN. It's really more of a gallop.

but dating practice is good!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Lol. Yah he is definitely a super casual runner if he is maybe thinking about doing an untimed 5k that is more about having crap thrown at you than the actual running part (I'm anti color runs because I guess I really am not very fun when it comes to running. Ha).

But hey, being less nervous is a good thing!

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