Saturday, September 20, 2014

Saturday adventure

I don't know what my deal is -- if I'm just tired or a little unmotivated or a touch depressed -- but I am not excited about anything lately. I'm not excited about going to work, about leaving work, about spending a day at a conference rather than work, about stopping at the mall on the way home from the conference, about good sleeping weather, about long showers, about UM football.

About anything other than the third season of Homeland (which I'm finally watching), really. Homeland is okay. But probably because it requires nothing of me other than holding head up and keeping my eyes open.

But Lucy's kids are always impossible to refuse. She invited me and our friend Lacey to join them at the apple orchard this morning and that wasn't an event that I wanted to miss.

Baby A is an apple picking maniac. I bought a half-bushel (which I was told holds about 60 apples) and he picked every single one of them.

Baby L wasn't so into picking apples but he did a great job taste-testing the selection. He dropped an apple every 10 minutes, so he sampled a healthy variety.

When we were done picking apples, we bought cider and donuts. As is the case at every cider mill, the place was teeming with bees. We abandoned our picnic table after a few minutes. 

"We've gotta get going to the car, buddy," Lucy told Baby A. 

Who panicked and shoved the half a donut that he had remaining straight into his mouth.

...or as much of it as he could fit into his mouth, anyway.

I don't blame him. Hot cider mill donuts make me do crazy things, too.


Danielle said...

Maybe just a bout of depression because of the knee? Been there. I binge watched Nurse Jackie and caught up on Boardwalk Empire.

I've never been to an apple orchard, and I'm not too keen on bees, so maybe I stay away. Donuts though, love.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am pretty sure I was mildly (or maybe more than mildly) depressed when I had a stress fracture last year. Not being able to do the things you love is hard on a person... I am glad you got to have a fun outing with Lucy and the kids, though! Sounds like so much fun! Now what are you going to do with all those apples!!

Sabrina said...

I miss fall in the Midwest with apple picking! I understand that funk you're feeling. I'm sort of the same way right now. Every morning I wake up and think about how excited I am to get back into bed in the evening.

Let's please not even talk about Michigan football right now.

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