Friday, September 12, 2014

Maybe Good News

Electronic medical records are amazing!

I had my MRI at 7:30 am and, by the time I remembered that I could access my study results online, it had already been posted.

Technology, you guys.

I can barely work a band-aid so let's all take this breaking news with a grain of salt but I read through the report and then I texted it to my mom and my sister for their professional interpretation and I am fairly certain that it's good news.

Or, more accurately: that the news could be way worse.

The findings point to something (I would explain it except that I haven't WebMDd it yet) but, judging from Meg's (nonchalant, if one can react nonchalantly via text message) reaction to it, it's way less of a something than I had been afraid of.

Which is great news.

Except my still feels very off. And now I'm concerned that I am a complete wimp.


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