Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Family Wedding

My cousin Anna's wedding is this weekend.

My family is invading Manhattan. And I don't just mean my mom's side of the family (Anna is my mom's sister's daughter). Oh, no. Dad's family was invited, too.

Which equals a lot of family members.

It is either going to be a really fun weekend or a really awful weekend.

I want to be excited but I am mostly dreading it.

Isn't that awful of me? I should be giddy for this wedding. I am not.

I am dreading it and also nervous. About the potential for family drama. About how expensive this weekend is going to be. About what to pack. About my wedding gift. About being expected to be the damn cruise director. About my grandma being sad.  

About what it means that I am (still) so unenthusiastic about this wedding. That I am a bitter single woman? That I'm jealous? Selfish? Antisocial?



I don't know.

I just want the weekend to pass quickly. And maybe to run into David Beckham at the airport, have our eyes meet from across the terminal and immediately fall madly in love and have eight babies.

If that isn't too much to ask.  


Kari said...

Make time for yourself - plan an escape where you just leave and go somewhere for a little while all by yourself. Remember you don't have to fix everything...and if the family starts getting to you, turn it into a drinking game (eg. if there is x amount of drama by 11 am, have three shots, etc:))
It will be a great weekend -- can we convince you that you have to kiss two random guys in Manhattan??

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