Monday, September 01, 2014

Facts About The Long Weekend

Fact #1: I dropped a freshly-baked pie in the driveway. The freshly-baked pie that I had rushed home to prepare to bring to Lucy's house for dessert. It was a berry pie with a streusel top and it was still warm. I will never not be incredibly pissed that it happened.

Fact #2: I finally found suitable rugs for the bottom and the top of my staircase. I am so pleased. I am so old.

Fact #3: I started reading The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr and it is exquisite.

Fact #4: I came to the conclusion that, while I am nearly to the end of the three weeks of inactivity prescribed by my doctor, my knee feels exactly as it did before I had my last appointment and before hobbled around in a hideous brace for three straight weeks

Fact #5: My mom and I babysat Lucy's boys again on Friday and it was, again, the highlight of my week. They are so sweet

Fact #6: I did the minimum eHarmonizing but I'm finally (despite my commitment to procrastination) getting to the end of all of the prescribed hoops to jump through and I guess once you do that you're supposed to suck it up and meet some of these dudes and that's scary for me but you guys should be excited because this blog is going to turn into the biggest shit show the minute I go on a single date. Guaranteed.

Fact #7: I went to Starbucks.

Fact #8: My cousin Liz, my mom, my sister and I went shopping on Saturday morning. I bought my inner librarian a new cardigan, among a few other things.

Fact #9: I kept meaning to paint my nails and never did it.

Fact #10: The weekend was far more fun than I'm letting on.

Fact #11: I hope that your (long) weekend was, too.


Danielle said...

I was about to start that book! I'm reading The Silent Wife and I already can't stand it.

I would be mad as hell about the pie too!

Kari said...

Don't think of it as scary -- think of it as entertainment! You will either meet someone that you want to make out with or someone who you will have a story to tell us all about. It is win-win!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I'm almost done with All the Light We Cannot See and while I think it is beautifully written, it took me quite awhile to get into... but I have about 100 pages left and am really enjoying it and can't wait to see how it ends.

Dropping that pie would have broke my heart, too. That's just something you don't get over.

NewNew said...

I would've shed actual tears over the pie. Utter devastation.

Sounds like you had a great weekend otherwise.

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