Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I had a little bit of a strange feeling when I was packing up things to donate to the Salvation Army, because I've heard the suggestions that its belief structure doesn't align very well with mine, but I haven't done the research. It is unwise to discontinue donations based on rumor. (Almost as unwise as not doing the research in the first place.) Plus it's really close by.

Last night, I filled the back of my car with all of the random stuff I had to donate: a ton of Christmas decorations (left in my attic by a previous resident), a bunch of kitchen stuff, some rugs, a few pieces of clothes and some hideous jewelry that I wouldn't ever wear again.

Not nice jewelry. Random crap that I'd been given to wear as a bridesmaid, plus this gaudy cross that I also found in my attic sweep.

I went to the Salvation Army to drop everything off this morning. I pull up and the guys working were nice and mildly flirty. They always are, asking my name and telling me I have nice teeth. They're unloading things and I am filling out the receipt and I look up and I see one of the guys standing with his body turned away at a weird angle. The angle where it's really clear that he doesn't want you to see what he's doing.

So I look closer, obviously.

He was standing with the bag of jewelry I was donating in his hand. I had put it all in a plastic bag and dropped it inside of a larger shopping bag. But he found it, and there he was with one of the jewelry boxes in his hand, looking inside of it.

Seriously? You couldn't wait for me to leave to steal donated goods from your employer?

"There's nothing valuable in there," I said without thinking. He made a joke and I made a joke back but, seriously, I was sort of pissed. I'm still sort of pissed.

That's why I'm writing about it. So I can get over being sort of pissed.

Did you know that could happen? That you could donate and feel bad about it?


Danielle said...

Thats just gross. I'm glad you said something though, but still gross. He couldn't wait because the other guys would see what he is doing. Ugh.

Flmgodog said...

I figure when I donate things to those type of places that other people need it much more than I do. He probably can't afford the jewelry otherwise my guess he would not be working at a donation site??? No idea...
You would think he would wait for you to at least pull away though.

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