Wednesday, September 10, 2014

All of the pain

I'm sitting here at my desk with a tennis ball shoved between my shoulder blade and the back of my chair and it hurts so bad and it hurts so good.

I got a massage on Saturday morning and I was in such bad shape that the massage therapist never got past my back. She strongly recommended that I see her again this week and, seeing as how I'm rolling out knots with a tennis ball at work, I think she might be on to something.

Because the knee injury isn't enough!

I really need to get back to taking yoga.

I really need to get back to normal.

Especially since, here I am: writing about my injuries again. At the risk of turning this into my personal injury blog. Is there such things as personal injury blogs? Are you as bored as I am? That's what I thought. I'm sorry. I'm only writing about my ibuprofen regimen because it's running my life.

But if we're looking for a bright side, the timing of my body essentially falling apart has been very convenient. I can't take more than a few miles on the treadmill and soccer and hockey are out of the question so I can place my focus on my newest sport: eHarmonizing. I get very behind as it is, so managing this online dating thing (I swear it's a huge time suck) is a good filler until I can do things I actually like.

No, one semi-decent date wasn't enough to turn my opinion on this whole thing. Not it all.

Although: tackling that date was the only pain (in the ass) that I've managed to overcome lately.


Kari said...

Restorative yoga. No hot yoga. Go frequently, your body and mind will thank-you (I bought the unlimited pass at my studio this summer and when I was physically in the city I went all the time -- never felt better).

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ugh, that sucks that you are dealing with back pain now. I think that being in a brace just throws your body off in so many different ways. And without your usual stress release outlet of being more active, your body is probably retaining more stress so maybe that is contributing to your back problems? I hope that you are able to get to yoga as that always seems to help me - both physically and mentally!

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