Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Grand Project Reveal

I hope that the title of this post doesn't have you all excited to see the couch that I reupholstered or the backsplash that I tiled with reclaimed materials. Not that fancy, boys and girls. Surely you know that by now.

The closest I am going to get to being a stylish home blogger, however, is the gallery wall in my hallway. That's the Grand Project. And here I am, revealing it.

I'm actually only 75% completed (you'll see in a minute) but I didn't want to wait.

This all came about because I happened to have a lot of white and off-white frames (I actually like that they aren't too matchy and they aren't all the same shade of white, which I half expected to drive me insane). And then I bought a bunch more.

Then this happened.

I think I'll extend the wall to the other side of my guest room door (I took this picture from the door to my bedroom) because it seems a little awkward to leave it out of the picture party. Plus I have more frames and more desire.

I mostly used things I already had, but I did pick up a few prints (I love that lock print and do you see the UM one?) and other goodies like my friend the elephant.

Here it is from the other side of the hallway. I was a little concerned about the thermostat being in the mix but you hardly notice it.

I am far from a decorating wizard but this was an enjoyable little project. I like that I can change things around easily and I think it will be fun to see how the wall evolves.


LLandL said...

this is beautiful! nice work! (minus the UM print, but a little healthy rivalry is good, right? go buckeyes!)

Kari said...

It is beautiful! Do you want to come help decorate my house? :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow that turned out so awesome! I would not have even noticed the thermostat if you hadn't mentioned it! Nice work! See, when I need things hung, I call friends and entertain their kids while they do the dirty work. So props to you for figuring it out on your own.

JBean said...

Love love love this! I like that they are all different sizes, shades and contain different photos and things you love. I do indeed think you could be a home decorator. I will you be calling you when/if I ever move into an actual house!

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! and now i want that elephant! good job, girl!

Sabrina said...

Gorgeous! I love that you've thrown in a few un-framed pieces in with the frames. And love the Michigan print ;)

Unknown said...

i LOVEEE it! great job!

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