Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Just browsing

My cousin, Emma, leaves today for New England. She starts grad school in a few weeks.

With a level of drama expected for anything that includes both Emma and my sister, Meg, we arranged to go to dinner last night to celebrate her big move. After far too many changes of plans, irritations, weather-related delays and the like, Emma decided that she wanted to go to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.

Oh, the Cheesecake Factory. The one in the area has only been open for six months, so it is still laughably busy. I wasn't exactly surprised when I was told that our wait could be as long as two hours and I probably should have ditched my mom and my grandma (my partners in waiting out the line) and arrived extra-early to put our names for a table but I am so over being the ringleader for every single little thing I do with a group of people. So I just told my mom to pick me up at work when they were ready to go.

It was almost 7:00 when we arrived. There were six in our group. I wanted nothing to do with waiting two hours for dinner but Meg and Emma were at least an hour away and I didn't have it in me to change Emma's mind.

And anyway, I had a plan.

Sur La Table is just around the corner from the restaurant and I was quite certain that neither my mother nor my grandmother had ever been inside. Or even knew that such a store existed. (Grandma despises the mall; Mom is never in that particular corner.) As I come from a long line of housewares junkies, I was certain that a stroll through the store would help kill a bit of the long wait.

We weren't seated for 90 minutes, every second of which my mom and grandma and I spent touching approximately every item that Sur La Table had on the sales floor. They had something to say about each and every thing, too: how clever it was or how unnecessary or how they had one that was older/better/worse/different/comparable.

It was oddly enjoyable. I guess maybe it's because that domesticity gene that Grandma passed along to us is so strong. She loves that stuff. My mom loves that stuff. I love that stuff.

In the midst of a couple of weeks where I've felt so out of sorts, it felt positively luxurious to have the time to share an experience and an interest with two of my absolute favorite people in all of the world, even if all it was is a slow crawl through the entire inventory of a mall store. 

I feel a lot better today and I think it had something to do with all of the pie-baking supplies. 


Lynn said...

Hi, your comment on my blog made me decide to keep writing it. Thanks.
All I know about the Cheesecake factory is from The Big Bang Theory, ha! Never been to one.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love Sur La Table. It's such a great place to wander aimlessly. I love seeing all the gadgets that they have! I'm glad that browsing there made the wait slightly more tolerable. Why is Cheesecake Factory so busy? I just don't get why people are STILL so excited about that place.

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