Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Happy Election Day

Today is not a big election but, for me, it's a big election.

A really big election.

The Monday after I bought my condo, in early June, I registered to vote. And I thought I was so clever, sneaking in that purchase right before the big vote.

Being that my precinct is across the parking lot from where I work, being that it's raining and I broke my umbrella just after I got to work, I kept putting off taking the 11 minutes to run over and vote.

So, finally I did and I go to check in and they're like "did you register in time?" and I was like "hell yes I did!" and I whipped out my voter registration card. She looks at it and says "no, you didn't register until the 14th. You had to be registered by July 7th."

In my head I was all tough like, "oh hell yes I was registered by July 7th. That was a month after I bought the condo! You are wrong, girl! This can't be!"

And this is what I said: "Oh. Okay." I took my card back and then I started back towards work. In complete shock.

As I'm walking back to work, I start thinking about how they had needed to reprint my voter registration card because the original one got sent back. But, then, didn't someone give that original to me anyway?

I decided to go home and tear my place apart in search of the original voter registration card.

So I walked back into work and announced to my employees "I HAVE BEEN DISENFRANCHISED!" and told them that I would be running home to trash the place in search of that original voter registration card.

By the time that I walked through my building, out the staff door and reached my car, my phone was ringing. Just kidding! Our mistake! You can vote!

And vote I did.

But I was so frazzled that I didn't get even remember to grab my sticker.


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