Monday, August 04, 2014

Gratitude: July

  • The truth.
  • Perspective.
  • That life isn't a competition (even though it feels like it sometimes). 
  • Chocolate milk.   
  • After work dates at the beach with my best friend Lucy and her boys.
  • The many, many, many hours my mom has spent helping me with my condo.
  • That the way I eat when I am on a road trip is not the way I eat every day.
  • A 1.7 mile, 5 minute commute. 
  • Friends who know how and when to push me.
  • Plush, new towels. 
  • Sunday summer soccer season.
  • The cans of touch-up paint left behind by my condo's previous owner. 
  • Surprise carrot cake deliveries by my grandma. 
  • Making it through a whole year at my job.
  • Feeling settled in at my new place.
  • Specialty soccer socks that come with grips on the foot bed, despite their $40 price tag.
  • Windows-open, mild, sleeping-weather nights.
  • Having a good friend who is also a good locksmith.  
  • Kineseo tape.
  • A flexible work schedule.
  • The luxury and convenience that is leasing a new car without stepping foot in the dealership.
  • The fresh and clean and crisp and strangely pleasing smell of the aforementioned new car.
  • Grapefruit juice.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

You'll have to share some more pictures of your new home soon! I am glad you are starting to feel settled!

Things I'm grateful for are that I have more than enough things to do and people to see to keep me busy, Phil's perspective on work stuff, and the fact that I am seeing my entire immediate family this weekend!

Danielle said...

Leasing a car without stepping in a dealership? You ballin' young lady!

I need to do something like this too! I dwell too much about what I didn't do or didn't accomplish.

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