Sunday, August 17, 2014

Enough with the email

On Tuesday, my guardian angel of eHarmonizing and I finished all 9,253 questions on their questionnaire/personality test/torture advice. I complained about, oh, every question except the one that asked my height.

But I finished and that's all that matters. We picked out a couple of decent pictures the next day and, while I wasn't really ready to go, eHar was taking off my training wheels and: the emails. Oh my goodness. The emails.

That devil of a website has sent me over 100 emails since Wednesday. This dude wants to get to know you. This dude sent you more f'ing questions. Give us money so you can see what these turds look like. Over and over and over.

It was enough to make me quit entirely. I started flushing them all into a special folder, unopened. I do not like being overwhelmed. I also do not like being excessively emailed. Or reminded that I'm doing this in the first place. Give me some space!

It took me a few more days, and a coupon code, to actually sign up. To just use the service for a month is, like, more than the cost of my gym membership. Whatev, eHar. My gym has a steam room and yoga classes. eHar clearlys want you to sign up for a multi-month package, the prices are way less stupid, and I decided that I could commit to three months.

Six months is their shortest package. (24 months is the longest which seems...mildly hopeless.) And that annoyed me so I put it off a little bit longer.

And then I got an email yesterday for a three-month package at at the price of a one-month package and I was like "OKAY. FINE."

I logged in and gave them my credit card information (automatically renewing, someone remind me of this come November 15).

Then immediately changed my email settings.


JBean said...

9253 questions?!? Haha Well I've never done eHarmony so I haven't been through their incredible line of questioning. But I felt the same way before I finally took the plunge and did Match last year. I thought the prices were outrageous too but I finally ended up doing it for 3 months, just like you. No soulmate found but it wasn't all that bad! So I say just go with the flow and enjoy your 3 months. You never know what may happen :)

Accidentally Me said...

I think it's clear who's happiest about this;-)

So when do we start going through your matches!!! (Hint, the answer is tomorrow)

First couple days, we can just focus on the laughable ones...then maybe pay attention to some that you may want to meet:-)

LLandL said...

I feel like at least by using a paid site, you may be avoiding some of the more obvious shade-balls. Though, I guess that's yet to be discovered. Keep us posted and godspeed!

Sabrina said...

Before I read your last sentence, I thought to myself "she better change her email settings!"

I haven't used eharmony in ages and I still get emails from them. They're a bit spam-y.

When I called customer service to cancel, they tried to up-sell me on a a 24 month package. At the time, I also found it hopeless. Yet here I am, more than 2 yrs later... :)

Peter said...

So how tall are you? ;)

And clearly you are not going to be hired to appear in an eHarmony ad.

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