Monday, August 25, 2014

About an email

Mondays call for a cup of good Canadian coffee and I am apparently not the only one who feels that way: the line at Tim Horton's this morning was epic.

I passed time as we do: trolling around on my phone. Deleting emailed job postings, updates from eHarmony that remind me that I am supposed to build my days around answering queries from strangers, coupons before I can get properly tempted.

And then, an email from C.

The American guy from Brazil.

The engaged American guy from Brazil.

I hadn't heard from him since the night of the World Cup final. Which was also the night I found out that he was engaged.

Which is also the night that I decided to let the whole thing go. 

The tournament -- what we had in common -- was over. There was no longer a reason to email or text or call.

And there was especially no reason to email or text or call some other girl's fiancé. I am not that girl.

It was a little sad, knowing that I would likely never see or hear from C again. But that's how it happens when you meet on vacation, isn't it? You go back to real life. You go back to work. You go back to your fiancée.

Knowing that he was engaged and never mentioned it made dropping the whole thing easier. There was no temptation. There was no way. That door was closed. And the dude standing behind it was shady, anyway.

So certain I was that I would never hear from C again that his email this morning -- all of a sentence or two, all of it meaningless nonsense -- nearly knocked me over.

So much for certainty.

I would now like to predict that today's email is the last that I hear from C. I'm sure of it.


Sabrina said...

What did it say? I think he's being shady! The World Cup is long over, and now his motivations seem sketchy.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I know the surprised feeling of having someone contact you that you'd never hear from again - that heart racing, palms sweating, panicky feeling. I am going to guess that this is not the last time you'll hear from him... guys like him are what I refer to as whack-a-moles - they just keep popping back up.

Danielle said...

Ugh, delete. Laugh about his patheticness (if you feel that way, which I tend to when guys reach out to me again) and delete.

Kari said...

Speaking of Timmies... Your thoughts on Burger Hortons?

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