Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Oh, Liz

There are things that I will miss about living with my cousin Liz but what I won't miss is my front row seat to her relationship disasters.

She is a hot mess.

It enrages me because Liz is brilliant and successful and hilarious and funny and what she wants is such a disservice to the amazing person she is. What Liz wants is to throw herself into a relationship so deeply that she doesn't know where she stops and he begins. She wants to define herself entirely by that relationship.

This is nothing new. It's how Liz has been for years. Forever, probably, though I didn't notice it until she started dating after her divorce.

Because it's nothing new, I shouldn't have been surprised when I got a text message today that basically informed me that our cousins road trip to see Beyoncé and Jay-Z is now a sex weekend for Liz and her guy-of-the-moment and a chance for Meg and I to feel like the third wheel.

She has an extra ticket to the concert because her sister isn't well enough to go. She mentioned bringing our younger cousin Paige on the trip or maybe a friend of hers but she wouldn't commit and I assume it's because she was waiting on this guy.

So today she informed me that she and a "friend from DC" would be staying together at a certain hotel and Meg and I could stay at that hotel or we could stay elsewhere. (Liz had already said she would book our hotel rooms.) She would drive to Chicago with us, maybe, but she would stay the entire weekend. So, apparently the concert was going to be the extent of our shared activities.

...a few hours later, she recanted and suddenly everyone was going to stay in the same hotel: the dude in one room and the three of us in another room. Then she would move to his room once we left and maybe she realized that she was being a dick but, sorry, too late.

I should mention that Liz pulled a very similar stunt on a trip to Chicago for the NHL Winter Classic five years ago. We were all attending the same event, we booked rooms at the same hotel and we never saw her. But, this time around, it worse; we've planned this trip together from the beginning.

It is what it is and it truly isn't something that's worth arguing over, but I'm just a little perturbed that a trip that we planned together months ago has turned into Meg and I getting tossed aside for a booty call.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ugh that would annoy me, too... especially since it isn't the first time she has done this. What a bummer. I know you guys will still have an awesome time together, it's just too bad that it won't be the trip you initially envisioned! A trip like that is just meant to be a girls trip and I am suspect of any man who wants to be the 4th wheel, honestly!

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