Thursday, July 10, 2014

No. F'ing. Way.

This week has felt like You're a Relationship Failure week. Is that a thing? I'm pretty sure it's a thing. A thing that coincides with hitting rock bottom. 

I'm probably just being sensitive, but everything feels like a neon sign that reads "ALONE! FOREVER!" is flashing above my head. 

So, clearly this week is the week when one fatal Facebook click leads me to the news that Colin is getting married.

Colin! F'ing Colin! 

For those of you who didn't read my blog, like, eight painful years ago: Colin came into my life shortly after college and our relationship was, quite frankly, a gong show. A gong show that I happily went along with and then unhappily went along with until one year, at Christmastime, he completely disappeared for a month or so and even I couldn't give him any more chances. That kid was the biggest trainwreck and, I swear, a way bigger waste of my time than The Coach ever was. 

I cannot believe that he's getting married.

I cannot believe that he found a girl who would marry him. 

I cannot believe that he found a girl who would marry him and he didn't fuck it up. 

Wow. I feel really bad about myself. Alarmingly bad about myself. This is...something. This is really something. 


JBean said...

Aww I am so sorry you are feeling this way. I'm convinced FB is the root of all evil sometimes! I get these feelings a lot too (I'm 35 and literally ALL my friends/family were married and started having kids years ago. I'm legit Kathetine Heigl in 27 Dresses) however don't let one bad day or week convince you it's hopeless. I mean you just had an international love affair!! Plus you wouldn't want to marry Colin anyway so feel lucky you escaped that one! Your time will come :)

Sabrina said...

Double ugh. Even un-friending someone doesn't keep you from looking at their profile to see what nuggets are available to the public.

It's hard to see a guy commit to another woman when he wouldn't commit to you. It's clear proof you weren't the right person for him. On the flip side, he clearly wasn't not good enough for you!

He might have changed now that he met this girl, but do men really ever change? He'll probably fuck it up with her eventually.

Danielle said...

Men don't change, perhaps this woman just puts up with his shit? If he didn't treat you with dignity and respect, he isn't worth it. Sounds like he didn't, so F him.

Accidentally Me said...

Oh, who cares!!! He's a guy that you liked but never loved, and that clearly wasn't the guy for you. Big deal. Just be happy for him, realize that this is 100% unrelated to you and be thankful that you dodged that bullet.

There's no pity parties over douchebags!!!

Kari said...

Lots of people get married without thinking it through and I have a feeling that could be the case with Colin and the bride. Be thankful you dodged that bullet and remember life isn't a race.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ugh. Freaking facebook. I hate when things like this pop up when you are already in a sort of fragile state.

I've been in your shoes, the "I am going to be alone until the end of time" shoes. I was fine with being single much of the time and even would say I enjoyed it, but I also had my mopey sad moments/days/weeks/months. It's tough. Hang in there, chica. There's a guy out there who will realize how lucky he is to have you, and that person will be worth all these years of shitty dating stories.

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