Saturday, July 19, 2014

Big Mouth

Mom helped my sister, Meg, with a few things around her house on Thursday night. And then she complained bitterly about helping my sister out with a few things around her house. Basically, Meg does things the way Meg wants to do them (the fast way) and then gets annoyed when my mom insists on doing things another way (the "right" way, according to mother) and then they both want to scream.

Whereas when Mom helps me out with stuff around my house (which she's been doing a lot the last two weeks), I just do exactly what she tells me to do because I don't know/am not motivated to figure out an alternative way.

So, yesterday, my mom told me about her frustrating afternoon with Meg and we laughed about it because it's all just so typical. Meg and my mother: so smart and so stubborn and butting heads.

This morning, I was having coffee with my mom when Meg called. Meg said to me "don't tell, but when Mom helps me out with things around the house, I want to kill myself" while, at the same time, my mom was bitching about Meg. I thought it was funny and I assumed that Mom would also think that it was funny so then I told her anyway. Right when Meg was on the phone.

Mom didn't think it was funny.


It probably didn't help that Meg got all bratty about a bed my parents were giving to me for my guest room (she wanted it, too) and that she refused to help with the floor to my entryway and that she still hasn't made the time to see my condo.

I believe that the word "selfish" was dropped in my mother's subsequent rant.

Not entirely untrue.

And still I feel terribly guilty for ratting her out to my mom and desperate to fix the (relatively minor) rift between them.

Having a sister is complicated.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Haha. You'd think the fact that they were both bitching about each other simultaneously would have been entertaining but I guess that was not the case! Having sisters is complicated.

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