Monday, July 21, 2014

Bad Auntie

I've only been in my condo for two weeks, but my BFF Lucy and I have already settled into a nice little routine. On Thursdays, she picks up her boys from daycare and heads to the beach. I leave work (a little early, shhhh) and meet them at the water. We splash and dig and play for a little while before grabbing dinner.

One week, we had Thai at a restaurant that's right on the lake. This past Thursday, I picked up pizza and we feasted at my condo.

It was lovely and convenient and also, I am a horrible aunt and have basically nothing but a random stuffed animal and a deflated soccer ball for the boys to play with. And not a single plastic cup or paper plate for the little dudes to eat off of.

And did I mention that I don't have a dining room table yet? Because I don't.

It was a grand adventure and I loved every second and every greasy pizza hand print on my door. I thought that I would care or worry more about the kids trashing the place but? They're kids. Spill all you want, guys. Spray my perfume to your heart's content! I promise to stock up on toys by the next time you visit. And wait until you see your special plates with pirate ships on them!

The best part of Thursday night was when Baby A, who is working on potty training, rushed out onto my balcony because he heard the ice cream truck. He was so excited about the ice cream truck that he peed his pants right there. On the balcony. A huge puddle. That then dripped down onto my car.

I promise not to tell all of his girlfriends if he promises not to tell anyone about my miserable toyless existence.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ha, the story about him peeing himself over excitement about the ice cream truck is EPIC. Too funny. I am an aunt but rarely have my nephews over as I live downtown and my nephews live in the suburbs so I usually go to them instead of them coming to me. But I do have a pool so I've got that going for myself. And I have some plastic dishes that are kid friendly. But I have never had a single toy or kid DVD! Whoops.

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