Thursday, July 03, 2014

About a Boy, part 2.

We spent almost the whole next day with the boys. We coordinated an early wake up; we all had tickets to the USA/Germany game and big plans to celebrate like true patriots. We all had an early breakfast, everyone stopping by our shared table by the pool, dropping in here and there as we layered on the stars and stripes and face paint.

It was raining, as you may have heard. The rain was torrential. If you watched any reports on the game, the weather was a major focus.

We caught cabs to the metro station. The boys drank on the metro because you can do that in Brazil. We were basically heading straight to the stadium, making just a small detour to the bar where all of the USA fans were gathering before the game. We were soaked when we got there. There was no point in trying to stay dry.

The bar was insane. INSANE. Our group staked out a place by the door, perfect for people watching. So many Americans in so many stupid outfits. It was everything we dreamed of. C and I braved the crowd and battled our way back to the bar, intending on ordering...tequila shots. Of course.

But the bar was out of tequila. (Like I said, it was insane. Wall-to-wall American soccer fans.) But they had Jack Daniels and we were buying a lot of Jack Daniels so maybe just the entire fifth? Yeah. C and I bought an entire fifth of Jack Daniels. It was a highlight of our trip. Meg claims she'll never forget the sight of the two of us bursting through the crowd with the Jack Daniels raised triumphantly over our heads.

Things just got messier from there. It was pouring. There was soccer. There was so much alcohol. We were drenched. C kept reaching for my hand. At one point, the gum in my mouth ended up in his mouth. Like I said: messy.   

Messy fun. 

And memorable and wonderful. We split into two cabs on the ride back to the hotel: he and I in one cab. Everyone else in another.

Then we jumped in the pool. In our soaking wet clothes. Because we could. 
We all went to our rooms to change and get ready for dinner and, somewhere in there, C's friend made other plans and C decided to go along with him.

It was my last night.

I was understanding and disappointed. He told me and I shrugged my shoulders, turned on my heel. Maybe I'll see you around later tonight, I said over my shoulder. Knowing that I wouldn't.

I left without saying goodbye.

I cried a little in the cab on my way to the airport early the next morning.

I knew him only briefly. I won't see him again. That isn't how these things work. It wasn't real life. It won't ever be real life.

We've emailed a few times. We have photos to exchange and, eventually, the emails will fade off and C will just be a good memory from a great trip.

And the guy who reminded me what it feels like when someone genuinely likes you. The guy who proved everything that I thought about The Coach wrong with merely his presence.      


Danielle said...

Vacation boo's are great flings, but just that, flings. However, it seems like things didn't go that far, and that's a good thing!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Well if nothing else, this experience reminded you of how you SHOULD feel, which is a gift in and of itself. Vacation flings are fun, but it's also sad when they come to a crashing halt.

Sabrina said...

I understand your disappointment, even though your expectations were low to begin with. It's easy to get caught up!

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