Wednesday, July 02, 2014

About a Boy, part 1.

This is about a boy but it's also not. It's about another boy. It's about The Coach. But it's mostly about me.

While in Brazil, I met a guy. Well, I met a lot of guys but I'm writing about one particular guy, C.

For some reason I feel like I want to remember the details, so I am blogging the details. It's not really that juicy. You've been warned. 

I met him in the common room at our hotel, where we were watching soccer. The Ghana/Germany match. One of the most exciting games of the whole tournament.

The next day was the USA/Portugual match and we put on our gaudiest American paraphernalia and we went to watch the match at a bar that promised a strong American crowd. It did not disappoint. We walked in, a few hours before the match started, to cheers of "USA! USA!" and to C and his friend waving us over to their table.

The night ended with me sitting on C's lap in a cab. And then crepes. And then a swim in the hotel pool. We lost Meg and Caity sometime after the crepes. I was having too much fun to go to bed. 

We were all attending the Mexico/Croatia match the next day. Meg and Caity were anxious to get out of the hotel that morning, so we went down to the Fan Fest area (where they were playing the games on a big screen) for a while with the intention of meeting up with the boys. Their phone service was spotty. Our phone service was spotty. But then I went to go to the bathroom and there was C. We traveled to the game as a group, dragging the boys inside this great market housed inside of an old prison on our way.

Two days later (we had spent Tuesday traveling each hours each way to a match), I saw C at breakfast. He debriefed me on his Tuesday; I debriefed him on mine. We leisurely hung out over breakfast, eventually deciding to meet up early in the afternoon to watch a little bit of soccer. We watched Nigeria/Argentina at the bar on the corner and drank. A lot. We girls decided to run to get lunch at the creperie and meet the boys back at the bar. The boys showed up at the creperie. The bar closed in the late afternoon. We made a trek to a paella restaurant. We took our seats and Meg and Caity and C's friend had a sudden urge to buy something at the shop down the street. I was left with C. We ordered tequila shots and promised not to tell anyone that we had them. It seemed like a good idea.

And then everyone else came back and blew our cover. We laughed about it. 

The tequila was what changed things. It's always the tequila, isn't it?

C claimed that two tequila shots would make him black out, but that he would be okay with one or with three. We went with three. I'm still a little proud and a little amazed that I didn't throw up. But I didn't. I flirted with C and I watched France/Ecuador.

C is one of those guys who gets touchy when he drinks. Hand at the small of your back. Reaching for your hand. Rubbing your shoulders. He doesn't grope because he isn't disgusting.

When the match was over, we stopped by the hotel before we stuffed all five of us into a cab and went to the mall. Because we needed to pick up some match tickets and because the boys were good sports. The entire time, C and I were both pretty tequila drunk. He shared his gelato with me. We kicked a soccer ball in a sporting goods store. We dashed around the mall, looking for red, white and blue face paint. He told me to slide tackle and steal the jersey of the first German fan we came across. I pretended to do so. 

I sat on his lap in the cab on the way to the mall and then I sat on his lap again on the drive home and he wrapped his arms around my waist and he buried his face in my neck and I wasn't really drunk anymore. Just happy.


Kari said...

Should have told you to make out with random boys long ago;)

my life is brilliant said...

Ooo! Fun. :) Where does C live? Just curious.

Your line "He doesn't grope because he isn't disgusting," made me laugh. Kevin is a total groper when he drinks. It's so damn annoying!

Accidentally Me said...

This story has not nearly enough making out, and way too many pants!!!


A said...

HA! I'm quite sure that I was instructed to make out with random boys a long, long time ago. I just never followed through until now.

A said...

Oh -- and Minneapolis. From Wisconsin. So midwestern. ha.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oooh, I like this story! :) And I see from your comment about that he lives in Minneapolis so he HAS to be a cool guy. ;) Ha.

Kari said...

Hmmm...wonder what else we can get you to do now? :)

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