Monday, July 28, 2014

A few thoughts on Chicago

If I wanted to go on a Tinder date, I would join Tinder.

Meg and I spent Thursday night on Liz's Tinder date.

He was: old, not as fun as advertised, clearly going through a midlife crisis, wearing tight flared white pants, the father of a kid who is in college, weird about consuming carbohydrates, nice enough, not who I wanted to be hanging out with.

I spent Thursday and half of Friday quietly simmering about how this all went down. That's what I did in Chicago. Felt annoyed. Waited around for Liz and this dude. Ate a few meals. Had a few drinks. Walked. Worshiped at the altar of Beyoncé. Danced.*

It wasn't that we had a bad time, it's just that we didn't get the trip we wanted. We got Liz's Tinder date. We got to be the third (and fourth) wheel on Liz's Tinder date.

Meg, my frustratingly self-centered little sister, wasn't as bothered by Liz's shenanigans as I was. Which only annoyed me more.

Am I that much of a control freak? It is just that Meg lets me expend the energy being annoyed so that she doesn't have to? Or that she lets me be the bad guy? Maybe it's because Meg (who is a lot like Liz) knows that the Tinder date is something she would pull, too. Maybe I'm just no fun. Maybe I'm secretly jealous of Liz's epic sex weekend with a stranger. Maybe I'm just extra irritated because I did all of the work (I ALWAYS DO ALL OF THE WORK) to plan for a trip that went down in flames.

I think it's time that I take a little break from being everyone's cruise director.

And maybe take a closer look at who I choose to spend my time with, too.

*While I am complaining, I would also like to address the issue of dancing. Approximately halfway through the concert, I realized that my bum knee was not up to dancing. Then I continued to dance. I paid for it the next day. This is 30.


Kari said...

You should have come to the 'peg to see your girl Beyoncé and then none of this would have happened...except you would have been eaten alive by mosquitoes:) I could have even supplied you with VIP parking. We would have had you sufficiently liquored up so that you wouldn't have even remembered you had a bum knee! Why would Liz pull this. Is she even that in to him or is it that she is afraid of being alone? I don't think you are jealous of her weekend with uncle bob.
It totally sucks being the cruise ship entertainment director...which is sometimes why I travel solo.
You may have had too many family trips too close together (Brazil and then this).

Danielle said...


I'm seeing her Saturday and no bum knee is gonna hold back my twerk. So help me god!!! When Drunk in Love comes on, its going down, torn meniscus can just deal with it!

Sabrina said...

Ugh, it's so annoying when someone hijacks a night/weekend/trip to make it all about some strange ass boy that's clearly just a hook up!

I'm glad you got to see Beyonce though and yay Chicago, my home city :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I would have been annoyed, too. This was clearly a girls trip so the fact that your friend used her time to go on a date with some random dude (who sounds unappealing) would have bothered me too. And it's tough to always be the planner. Sometimes it's good (in the long run) to have experiences like this as it forces us to re-examine who we are focusing our time and energy on and whether it's worth it... That said, I am glad you got to see that concert! But I wish your knee hadn't bothered you. :(

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