Tuesday, July 08, 2014

A few from Brazil -- the soccer

We went to Brazil to watch the World Cup and, while we were there, we saw four games: Italy/Costa Rica, Mexico/Croatia, Italy/Uruguay and USA/Germany. The USA/Germany game deserves its own post. 

So, the way it works with World Cup tickets is that you blindly apply for games starting six months (or so, the dates change for every tournament) out from the start of the tournament. Then, in November, you see what teams were selected for your games in the random draw.

You can buy tickets a few other ways, too, like buying tickets to all of the games at a certain stadium or for a certain team. You can also wait until after the draw so you know what teams you'll be seeing but we like to pick a location and build our trip around that. We're happy to see any game. I'm glad we're not picky.

The first game is always an adventure. Figuring how to get to the stadium. Seeing all of the fanfare. It's just extra exciting and extra festive and we were losing our mind with joy at the Italy/Costa Rica match. And then the stadium ran out of food and we got a little crabby. We rallied. I kissed a Mexican fan at his request. Italy did not win. Fact: I've seen Italy play in three World Cup matches and they've won none of them. Which is a shame, because I always want to root for them. (I finally gave up on 'em later in the tournament, as you'll see below.)  

We decided to cheer for the Croatian team in the Mexico/Croatia match because Mexico is the USA's biggest rival and also because, when Meg and I were in South Africa, we tried rooting for Mexico and the Mexican fans were mean to us.

For the Italy/Uruguay game, we went to a stadium that was four hours away from where we were staying. That was a long day. A very long day. But the game was entertaining. Maybe you heard about Uruguay's Luis Suarez biting an opponent? That happened in that game. 

We took a chartered bus with a bunch of strangers to the Italy/Uruguay match and we were the only three females. I had great hopes of passionate love affairs, as we had a few British guys, a few Irish, a few Australians. We enjoyed their company but nobody fell madly in love. 

Especially me. Because I was squished in the front seat next to a very loquacious dentist from Iowa.

Do you suppose a double rainbow sighting counts for extra if you're in a moving vehicle with a bunch of Irishmen? 


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Very cool! I was wondering how you got tickets to the various games and how you picked which games you went to! Sounds like you saw some cool games and even if you didn't have a vested interest in who won, I can see how it's still fun to be around the game environment!

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