Wednesday, July 09, 2014

A few from Brazil -- the sights

We stayed in Olinda, which is just north of the World Cup host city of Recife. When we were researching our travel options, Olinda seemed like a good fit: the trip into Recife was manageable (20 minutes or so) and there was a lot to do within Olinda itself -- we weren't always running off to Recife to find something to do.

What Olinda didn't have, unfortunately, was a decent beach. We had to go into Recife for that. What it did have, however, was gorgeous views and a ton of history.

Olinda is actually UNESCO World Heritage Site. There was so much to see -- I think there's 20 Baroque churches just inside of Olinda -- and we didn't come close to seeing all of them.

And there were tons of little shops and restaurants and walks we could go on and bars where we could sit outside, watch soccer on the television and enjoy a caipirinha or three.

We saw a good number of World Cup tourists tagging along a tour guide. We felt pretty lucky to have the beauty and the history of Olinda just outside of our hotel's front doors.

Apparently Olinda is a rockin' place for Carnival. There were freaky-ass Carnival body puppets here and there. They never failed to make me shutter a bit. Or pose for a picture.

We did get down to the beach in Recife on one afternoon. The World Cup fell during the area's rainy season and, yes, it totally rained.

There's a historical area of Recife that we never got much of a chance to explore. We did stumble upon an old prison that had been converted into a craft market, which was a gem of a find. Such a clever use of the space: each vendor's selling space was an individual prison cell. 

If I ever booked a trip to Brazil outside of the World Cup, there's no doubt that I would have picked the standard Rio/Copacabana sort of a vacation so it was, lucky, in a way that we ended up where we did. It was gorgeous and a really good combination of all of the best parts of vacation: history, beaches, great drinks, cute boys, decent shopping, great food and good company.


p2 said...

Sporting the hot bod and 6 pack at the beach? Hell yeah the boys want your email address.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That city sounds really cool and it's great that this trip made you check out a city that you wouldn't have otherwise. The photos are gorgeous!

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