Tuesday, June 03, 2014

I need help

I carry a big purse.

I always carry a big purse.

I put a lot of things inside. Here is a sampling:

...among other things, which include: iPad, check book, a bottle of ibuprofen, hair ties, one of those six-foot CVS receipts, a pair of underwear, some jewelry and assorted notes to myself.

It's silly.

Over the weekend, I had an idea. I would wean myself off of my big purse!

I pulled a smaller purse out of my closet. It holds my wallet and my phone and my keys and a lip gloss and that's enough. I will tuck my small purse inside my big purse and then, when I'm feeling brave, I'll just carry the small purse.

Baby steps, right?

I thought that I was a genius for a few hours until I looked at the contents of my massive purse a little bit closer.

And there was the wristlet that I had started toting around the last time that I thought I could minimize the number of items that I tote around.

Proof that I had this great idea before. Proof that it failed.

So now I'm just carrying around all of it.

I need an intervention.


Danielle said...

If you're carrying an iPad, why not get the Kindle app for reading? So that would remove the book. I'm obsessed with big bags, but I have a (what I consider) medium bag right now and I like it. Also, I found that bigger bags with lots of pockets are my holy grail of bags. For some reason it seems like designer bags lack pockets.

A said...

the iPad and the book does seem redundant, doesn't it? I don't always have a book in my purse but am usually hauling around my iPad (I use it at work a lot) -- I only read books on my iPad maybe 20% of the time. If that.

And yes on the pockets. This big bag in particular is just one big bag. I spend 4 hours/day just digging through it, I swear.

Flmgodog said...

HAH! It's like a "mom" bag but not...more of an "Auntie Pie" bag. You never know what you might need/want!
I carry a large bag as well. My bag weighs more than my two year old twins combined. Truly sad...

A said...

It's totally an Auntie Pie bag! Lucy's boys absolutely love to dig through it, too. I don't think mine weighs quite as much as a pair of twins, however. You're truly impressive!

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