Monday, June 23, 2014

Checking in from Brazil

I can't sleep late here. It gets bright really early. I'm up every morning at 6:00.

I don't mind because it gives me an hour to drink coffee and check my email and send text messages and sit by the pool. And have some time to myself.

Meg and I got in a full-on spat yesterday. She's a dick. I am very practiced at dancing around my sister. It's like I subconsciously know how to steer situations to keep her happy. But it is exhausting. And she was rude to me. So I told her.

Things are still a little tense.

Meg's friend, Caity, also had a spell when she was a little cross yesterday. It just wasn't the best day of our trip, I suppose. It also featured a lovely rain squall at the beach, which dampened (literally!) that excursion.

Oh, and that heartbreaking last-second goal in the USA/Portugal goal. Perhaps you've heard about it?

I am complaining and, at the same time, I don't even care. We're still having a great time. Tonight, we'll see Mexico/Croatia and first thing tomorrow morning we're hopping on a bus and driving up the coast of Brazil to see Italy/Uruguay.

And check this out:

I found the library!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Thumbs down to the spat but hopefully by getting into a little confrontation you can put it behind you instead of letting it fester. I am glad you are having fun, though! And I bet that time alone in the morning is super precious. I am definitely an introvert so I'd need quiet time like that to recharge my battery.

Sabrina said...

Blurgh to travel tensions, it happens, unfortunately :( Glad you're enjoying the surroundings anyway!

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