Monday, June 02, 2014

Gratitude: May

  • Patience. 
  • Sunscreen.
  • My insanely flexible work schedule. 
  • The wisdom of experience.
  • That Starbucks doesn't regularly run a Frapuccino Happy Hour special.
  • Road trips.
  • That one magical bottle of nail polish that happens to be the perfect color and extra-resistant to chipping.
  • An 86% shorter distance.
  • Giant inflatable couches.
  • Learning not to compulsively check my work email as soon as I get in.
  • Derby hats.
  • Lunchtime at the lake. 
  • Online shopping. With a good coupon code. Or free shipping. Or both.  
  • Wishes.
  • Inspired Mother's Day gifts. 
  • Plans and preparation (and cheerleader friends).
  • A well-organized inbox.      
  • Perspective. 
  • Short meetings. 
  • Long weekends.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That's a good list. The SBUX frap thing made me laugh. A local coffee chain here occasionally does buy one get one free and I am glad they don't do it often because I use that as an excuse to get really indulgent things like a mint mochas with whip cream. Yum.

I'm grateful that I'm back in a city I love, living in an apartment that I love, surrounded by friends and family that I love.

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