Monday, June 09, 2014


I was feeling very impatient. Impatient to move in to my condo. Impatient to have the floors refinished and the walls painted. Impatient to get my cousin Anna's wedding shower over and done with. Impatient about Father's Day plans. Impatient about boys. Impatient with my sister. Impatient to receive a shirt I ordered for my trip to Brazil. Impatient to get a reply to an email I sent about soccer. Impatient to make plans for Lucy's birthday. Impatient for Chet to make plans for Lucy's birthday. Impatient about getting a bunch of work squared away before I left for vacation. Impatient about vacation in general. 

Then I went and caught myself some sort of cold/allergy devil's hybrid. 

And now I am too lethargic to feel impatient about anything. 


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that. Feel better soon!

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