Thursday, June 12, 2014


For years now -- since I finished college, basically -- it has felt like I have lived out of bags.

I survey my bags before leave for work in the morning. Handbag. Work bag. Lunch bag. Maybe my soccer bag. Or my hockey bag. Or my gym bag. Or a bag of clothes to change in to before I go to Lucy's house. And the bag that contains the dessert I'm bringing to Lucy's house. Or the one filled with various items I need to return to my mother. Or grandmother. Or sister. Or all three.

I am so excited to lose the bags.

When I move: the bags become obsolete. Or at least they become less critical. I can leave my soccer equipment at home without it meaning that I won't make my game. I can stop by my condo and change my clothes before going to Lucy's house on a Friday night. I don't have to remember every little tiny thing that I may or may not need over the course of a day because my life is so spread out and scheduled so tightly.

Just the thought of that is liberating. I am thrilled to give up that mental space. I can't wait to dedicate that energy to something worthwhile. Not whether or not I packed up a sufficient number of sports bras to get me through a two-game Sunday.

My world is getting smaller. In a good way.  


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

It will feel so good to be settled in, have all your stuff in one place - and unpacked. It's a liberating feeling. I feel like I was in a state of transition from the moment I found out about my Charlotte move up until I moved into my apartment. I've been on the go so much for the last 1.5 years, I usually wouldn't even put my suitcase away after each trip because in a matter of days I'd be going somewhere else. Now, I am blissfully settled and kind of have no desire to go anywhere... I am sure it will wear off and I'll get the itch to travel again but it's nice to be in a more settle state.

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