Monday, June 30, 2014

Back at it

I arrived back in Detroit at 11:30 on Friday night and it feels like I have been running around ever since.

The work that I was having done on my condo -- hardwood floors! A hot water heater! -- was finished while I was gone so it has been full steam ahead on project: moving. Mom and I spent time this weekend installing a ceiling fan (it was an oddly successful endeavor) and doing a bit of painting and cleaning and all of those little things that must be done. I am hoping to get movers hired to haul all of my furniture out of Liz's basement sometime this week. Finally.

I also had two soccer games on Sunday. Fascinating fact: watching World Cup soccer for 10 days doesn't keep you in shape and it doesn't make you any better of a soccer player. 

Now I'm back at work.

And surprisingly sad that my vacation is over. For a trip that I had to actively talk myself into committing to, it was a damn good experience. I had such a wonderful time and met so many fantastic people. Brazil was beautiful and fun and different and everything I thought it would be and nothing at all how I expected, too. I bitched about them, yes, but Meg and Caity were overall pretty great travelling companions.  

I'll share some pictures once Meg gets back with her camera (she and Caity stayed for a few extra days) but I think that I will skip over the full, detailed, intense recap. Certain things are just better off living in your memory. 

Because my words really couldn't do our trip justice.      



Anonymous said...

I'd really like to hear and see more about your trip. Like, where all did you go to see games, were you able to get tickets to get inside the stadiums or did you watch outside? What kind of people did you meet? Did you take any photos? Did you only see the US games? Etc.

A said...

Well, if you insist! :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am glad that you had a good trip and would love to hear more about it... but I do understand that sometimes it is hard to be words to experiences that were awesome.

I am glad that you are starting to move in! It will be great to get settled in and have all of your belongings in one place!!!

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