Monday, May 19, 2014


I nearly always join Lucy and Chet for our traditional Friday night dinner but, this week, we bucked tradition and went out to eat just like we did in the olden days!

The 20 minutes I spent wedged in the back seat between Baby A and Baby L's car seats was unquestionably the best 20 minutes of my weekend.

I feel a little like Baby L, as the second child, is shorted his due doting because his brother is crawling all over me the minute I arrive at their house. So let me just say that he is the sweetest, most easygoing little guy. All smiles and crawling like a maniac.

We dropped Lucy off at the restaurant to get us a table and Chet, the boys and I got the car parked and walked over to join her. It occurred to me, after the second or third couple smiled at me (carrying Baby L) and Chet (carrying Baby A) that they all assumed that we were a family.

I suppose that we are.

Just not in that way.

The rest of the weekend was spent in unremarkable but pleasing fashion -- laundry and soccer and paying bills and kickin' ass -- busy with a lot of the usual.

I keep mourning each weekend as my last quiet weekend for months and months. But this one might actually be it. There's a holiday (and my debut walk in the town's parade!) next weekend and, after, I fully expect to blink and for summertime to be over.

Any tips on how to bottle it up?     


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

If you figure out how to bottle it up, let me know. I have a feeling summer is going to fly by for me between reconnecting with all the friends I haven't seen in so long and starting my new job. I hope that we get a nice long summer since this area of the country had such an awesome winter/early spring!

Unknown said...

just spent some time catching up on your blog - nashville has sucked me into this weird internetless/non-blog checking/non-twitter checking world. CONGRATS on the condo!! can't wait to see pics! xoxo.

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