Thursday, May 15, 2014

This is not a riddle

Is there a bridal shower game or activity that exists in this world that doesn't completely suck?

My cousin Anna's shower is coming up very, very quickly. There are certain members of our (somewhat reluctant) planning committee who believe that we should do something of the game, craft or other wholesome activity nature with our fair bride and her gaggle of guests.

I am not convinced.


Vicki said...

I really liked dressing people up and creating the 'best wedding dress' out of toilet paper. the bride then chooses which one she would wear.

Can't think of too much else that is wholesome.

Accidentally Me said...

No, you do not have to do a game. Although she probably wants one (or eight)...

You could do something super passive aggressive, like "Everyone say something about the groom that is totally different than who you thought Anna would marry" and then make her guess who said it. That would be spectacular!

But basically, don't have any games. They are dreadful and everyone hates them.

Gloria said...

Just hosted a bridal shower and we played two games, just to kill some time. First one was to look and sniff 17 different spices in little cups and guess which spice it is. The second was 18 questions about the groom "How well do you know the groom?" Fortunately the bride to be did win, we were a little worried about that one. We had the groom secretly answer the questions the week before.

Best wishes on your shower, a craft might be a fun alternative to games.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh man, I am also in the no games camp. But a how well do you know the bride game is fun. I do not like the how well does the bride know the groom game because a couple of brides have told me they felt stupid when they got questions wrong. :/ but I think having the audience answer questions about the bride can be fun.

Sabrina said...

I hate bridal shower games, unless it's Cards Against Humanity (which is not appropriate if bride's grandmother is present). The ones ABOUT the bride and groom are the worst - too cheesy, IMHO.

The spice game someone suggested actually sounds really fun! Or giving people 5 minutes to name as many states/presidents/types of birds etc. Or your own version of Taboo with wedding-y words?

The most important part of bridal showers are the mimosas. :)

Anonymous said...

Cross your legs, lose your pants! Cut out pairs of pants with construction paper and everyone who attends the showers gets a pair pinned to their shirt with a safety pin (some might just want to hold them) During the shower whenever you spot someone has crossed their legs you get their pants. Person with the most pants at the end of the shower or set time wins a prize. this is played throughout the entire shower.

Amy said...

i just ran my best friends bridal shower and one of the games that was actually fun to make and play that everyone enjoyed was "wheres the groom" i cut out tuxedo pics and attached the groom's head to one per table.. the other heads i attached were hot celebrities. everyone gets an envelope and when its time to play they open them at the same time. person who has the groom wins! the grandmothers in the room loved it! one got her grandson the groom and the other one was equally happy to get robert redford- depending on your age audience you can choose your own celebs! didnt take that long to do at all. all you need is a printer ( for the tux pics ) and we used magazine cut outs! and envelopes to put them in!

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