Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Best Laid Plans

I killed it yesterday.

It was a rare Saturday where I had no plans and no desire to make any. Looking ahead, it is the last commitment-free day I have for months. I spent it wisely.

Much of the day was dedicated to getting ready for a sometime-in-the-near-future move. Most of my belongings, fortunately, are boxed up and stored away in Liz's basement. I packed up the few things I had in the kitchen, I decluttered everything in my room, I scrubbed my bathroom like a maniac.

I could move tomorrow. I could throw my clothes into suitcases and have everything out the door in just a few hours. Knowing that is liberating. With a closing date that is still up in the air, a soccer season that starts in a few weeks, hosting a wedding shower and a trip to Brazil on the horizon: I was beginning to wonder how I was going to pull off a move.

Now I can pull off a move.

When I was done at the house, I gave myself an hour for a long run in the sunshine. It was perfect. I undid the run with a frapuccino and it was fantastic I don't regret it or the small mountain of chocolate whipped cream that topped it.

Following my trip to Starbucks, I transitioned into Mother's Day mode. Meg was hosting at her house; I had a lot to bring and prepare and, since I had a soccer game in the morning, it all had to get done last night. It did.

And, because this is how things happen sometimes, when I went out to the car this morning -- the car that I had packed with my soccer bag and everything I needed for Mother's Day -- of course it didn't start.

Because this is how things happen sometimes.

I was driving my mother's car (the reason why is a long story) and it's still quite new, only a few thousand miles on it, but the battery wasn't dead and my dad couldn't find the problem and, to save you all from the boredom of the entire story, the car got towed to the dealership.

And I missed soccer. The primary reason I spent all of last night prepping for Mother's Day.

Can't win 'em all, right?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh man, car issues are so freaking annoying. I hate how they come out of no where and tend to ruin plans you had made. It sounds like you had a great weekend aside from that experience, though. I am sure it's a great feeling to know you could basically move tomorrow. I am being moved by a moving company so it's a weird sensation because I haven't done much to prepare my move since I don't really have to. But psychologically, it's sort of hard for a move to feel real when I am not boxing up my belongings... but I know I am fortunate that a company will come and pack and load my belongings!

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