Wednesday, May 28, 2014

On shorts

I don't love shorts.

Exception: soccer shorts. I love soccer shorts. I was born to wear soccer shorts. Soccer shorts are the perfect shorts and that's probably why I don't like other shorts: because all shorts pale in comparison to soccer shorts. This is a fact.

It is also why I don't really own any other shorts.

Here's how I see it: now that I am an adult and I don't have the luxury of wearing shorts all day because I am at work, not in class or spending the summer as a camp counselor or a nanny, there is really no need for me to own any. In the summertime, if I am compelled to wear shorts, I will wear soccer shorts. If I'm going to dinner or a movie or to a party or somewhere else where I will look like a slob in my soccer shorts (there are many places), I'll put on a dress. Or a pair of jeans.

And this is normally fine, this lack of in between. My life is quite full without a robust stock of shorts. I do not feel that my wardrobe is lacking.

Except for now, when I am (mentally*) packing for Brazil. Probably I don't want to spend 10 days slobbing around in soccer shorts. Definitely I don't want to spend 10 days sweating to death in jeans. Quite certainly wearing a dress every day (including to a handful soccer matches) is ridiculous and impractical. (Yet adorable. Team Dress 4Ever.)

I do not love shorts but I do love being appropriately dressed. So shorts it is! Even if I feel like they make my legs look chunky! Even if shopping for them is torture because most don't fit right! I've sucked it up and purchased one pair. I will get a few others. Meg, who has a harder time finding shorts that fit in the waist and the legs, is doing the same.

Meg's friend and the third wheel to our Brazil trip tricycle refuses. She hates shorts. Which, okay, I understand but I also don't understand because I hate slowly sweating to death in the Brazilian sunshine even more. Well, I hate the idea of it. I've never actually sweat to death in the Brazilian sunshine so I can't be positive. Maybe it will be a great experience for her.

Probably not.

That's why I'm packing shorts.

*We don't leave for three weeks. I will be honest: no real packing will take place until the morning before we leave. 


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I hate shorts, too. I will wear running shorts because it's too hot to wear capris right now but I don't like how they look. But a friend recently posted a photo of herself wearing coral colored shorts and they looked so cute on her. So I might just give them a try. Maybe.

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