Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day

It is our family tradition to celebrate Mother's Day with our extended family. All of the "kids," as we are still known even though we range in age from 23 to 35, throw our moms out of the kitchen and handle the party on our own.

Meg has hosted at her house the last two years, which proves to be an extra bonus for my mom. Mom and Dad's house is Party Central. My mother both loves and is exhausted by always playing the gracious hostess. It's good to give her a break. (And it's lucky that Mother's Day is just before we really get into lake season, when Mom and Dad's house is where everyone wants to be and nobody even bothers to pretend otherwise.)

Meg and I went a little overboard on Mom's gift this year but I am not above splurging every once and again.

A few weeks ago, she was gushing over how gorgeous these watches were and, at the time, I didn't even consciously file it away in that part of my head that's always concerned with buying The Best Gift Ever. But I must have tucked that idea away anyway because, when I started thinking about Mother's Day, I loved the idea of making a quick trip into the D to pick out a new watch for Mom.

Her eyes nearly shot from her head when she saw the box. She put it on immediately and spent the rest of the day showing it off; her reaction made it totally worth it. 

Our Mother's Day party was Mexican fiesta because that seemed easy and a good excuse for margaritas. 

It was fun to shuttle all of our moms out to the patio to have their dinner. And, for me, it was fun to make my sit-on-their-butts-at-all-of-the-family-parties cousins do dishes and help clean up for once in their damn lives.

Everyone was on good behavior. The weather was perfect. There was guacamole. It couldn't have been any better. 

Well, I could have done without the car drama but that had nothing to do with Mother's Day so I'll suck it up just this once.

Did any of you host Mother's Day? Was it also a Mexican fiesta?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That sounds like such a fun celebration! I'm a fan of anything involving Mexican food and margaritas honestly. I am glad you had good weather, too! You never know in the Midwest in May!

I called my mom and grandma and was their first phone calls of the day I think. But that was the extent of my Mother's Day celebrating. I will get to see my mom this weekend and spend 3 days with her, though, so that will be fun. I got her this journal that has all of these prompts for her to fill out about her childhood and how she met my dad and all these other things. I think she is going to really like it and it will be great to have.

Oh but at the end of the day, I thought about how we usually took my mom out for an ice cream sundae on Mother's Day so I used that tradition to justify a trip to a frozen yogurt place. :)

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