Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Housing Crisis, Part 13

When I last wrote about my house search, I wanted to light my real estate agent on fire.

But that night, my mother (who was nearly annoyed with the whole process as I was) joined me on another evening wasted driving around and looking at houses that I hated.

Or so that was my attitude on my way out.

And then we looked at a few losers and I was even more infuriated with the whole situation. I didn't say anything, as though when I put on a happy face I am even the slightest bit convincing when I am pissed. (I am most certainly not.)

My realtor had sent me a few listings for condos earlier in the week and, though I was convinced that I was not interested in buying a condo, I asked her to show us one. I liked the location. I liked the price. I liked that the association dues weren't exorbitant.

We looked at the condo last that night and, to my surprise, I liked it.

Of course I liked it. Absolutely everything I assumed about this whole process has been incorrect: I was sure I didn't want to buy a house. I was sure that I couldn't afford it, anyway. I was absolutely sure that I didn't want a condo.

Wrong again!

The condo couldn't be in a better location. My drive to work will be simple now and easy, in terms of freeway accessibility, if/when I take a new job.

It was also cheap. Ridiculously inexpensive. Significantly less than the sellers paid for it 12 years ago, it's going to be hard for me to lose money on this one. Maybe I won't make money, but it seems unlikely (anything can happen!) that I'll take a big loss.

And then there were the monthly association fees. Those were probably what turned me off of condos in the first place (it wasn't the lack of a yard that I wouldn't ever want to mow, anyway). I just think it's wasteful to spend hundreds of dollars a month to maintain a pool or tennis courts or whatever other amenities that I would never utilize. The association dues in this complex were completely reasonable and wouldn't leave me to exist on a diet of ramen noodles and saltine crackers.

The next weekend, I had my agent bring me back to the condo, this time with my dad. She showed us another condo and a few houses that day but the first condo was sticking. I felt good about it.

I put in an offer on Monday.

Remember that week? That week where I thought everything was going to turn out right? Ha.

Not quite. But I found out on Thursday that my offer had been accepted.

It was overshadowed by boy stuff.

And it was still contingent on financing, which was a royal pain in the neck. We sat around for a good 10 days, waiting for everything to shake out. I had other things on my mind, anyway.

But, finally, early last week, it looked like we were good to go.

It looked like I was going to buy. And buy a condo, at that.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Congrats! I am glad you found something you like with HOA dues that were tolerable. They can be pricey (as is the case with the condo that I own and rent out right now) but they can also be really reasonable, especially when you consider all the items they cover between maintenance and other amenities. I don't really want to own 2 properties at the same time and the condo I own is so under water, it's sickening, so I won't be buying for awhile but when I do, I will probably buy a condo because there is just no way I can handle the upkeep of a home... Nor do I want to... I hope the rest of the closing process goes smoothly!

Unknown said...

YAY!!!!!! Will you post pictures eventually?

Danielle said...


Even the homes in San Diego have HOAs. You can't get away from them unless you live in the outskirts of the county.

my life is brilliant said...

Your last two sentences have me not quite ready to congratulate you yet. I can't wait to hear the latest!

Unknown said...

It's a good thing you gave condos a chance; if you eliminated them from your choices, you could not have gotten this one! Although, having a checklist when home shopping is recommended. Trying out things that you may not like could work wonders, as you could see how things work from the other side. Keep us posted if you had finished the paperwork!

Steve Jamieson @ Remax Crest Realty

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