Friday, May 30, 2014

Hometown Glory

When I took this job, almost a year ago, it was scary and exciting and it was also weird. It was weird to be coming back to my hometown. All of growing up feels like a process separating yourself from where you're from and then I go and take a job -- a good job, a job that has given me more experience than I think I even wanted -- right back where I started.

And now I am buying a condo that's just a few miles from where I work and just a few miles from my high school and where I grew up and everything that I've always known and it feels right, I know it's a good choice, but it also feels weird.

Like maybe I'm not as grown up as I pretend to be.

I'm okay with all of it. These are choices that I've made and they are choices that I am happy with. In all of my dreams and at all of my expensive schools, I just never quite pictured that I would be here. Back at home.

But, for as weird as it sometimes feels, there are moments when it also feels so incredibly right that I can't quite fathom how I got so lucky. Like last week, when my grandma stopped by the library to bring me peanut butter cookies. Like last Friday, when I met my mom for lunch because she had a free hour and I had a free hour. Like last night.

Yesterday, toward the end of the workday, Lucy texted me. She's bringing the boys to the beach. Would I like to join them?

I was in a dress and heels. I had no change of clothes.

Absolutely I would like to join them.

We got pizza at the restaurant that's right on the water. We were seated on the deck and Baby A climbed all over me to look out onto the lake. Auntie Pie! Auntie Pie! Ducks! Geese! Boat! Fish! Rocks!

When we were finished with dinner, we walked over to the beach. The boys got filthy and wet and happy. It was my job to fish Baby A's rocks out of the water after he threw them in. "More'gain!" he yells. (That's more and again, of course.) We dug a few holes and got sand between our toes and Lucy filled me in on her latest family drama and I filled her in on mine.

I carried Baby A back to Lucy's car (36 pounds. Ooof!) and got my work dress drenched and dirty in the process and it is going to have to go to the dry cleaner and I could not care less.

Living and working in my hometown is weird.

Weird and oftentimes incredibly awesome.


Sabrina said...

For some reason, this post made me go YouTube some Pure Michigan ads... and maybe some parodies of it too :)

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