Monday, May 05, 2014

Best weekend

The weekend was perfect.

Everything was perfect. We ate all the right foods and parked in the right place and got the right amount of sleep and drank the right amount of alcohol. We wore the right dresses and had reservations at the right restaurants. We picked the right hotel and times our drives just right and had tickets in the right locations. 

After all of the discussion about dresses, I ended up wearing my white dress on Friday. I had fun jewelry to pull in the pink theme for the day. The weather was so cool that I wore my sweater all day.

We started the day with loss after loss. It clearly took us some time time remember how to play the ponies because, once we figured it out, we were hot. Lucy or I won money on each of the last handful of races. I finished the day ahead, she was about even. We don't go to the Derby because we're gamblers but, truthfully, it does make it extra exciting.

For the rest of my life, I will have a memory of Lucy jumping up and down, with our racing form rolled up in her hand, pumping her arm in the air and turning increasingly red as she screamed herself hoarse during a race. After the race was over, her horse pulling out the win, we collapsed back into our seats and laughed and laughed. That was what the weekend was all about: acting a little like idiots and enjoying every second of it.   

When I held it up to my hat, the coral dress was the exact color of the flower on my hat (which you can't see in this picture) and that's why I ended up making the unexpected dress swap.

My outfit may have been good luck. I did well on Friday but I killed it on the races on Saturday. Every race, of course, but for the actual Derby.

It didn't dampen the mood.

Nothing could. 


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

It sounds like a perfect get away! I am glad that you girls had so much fun and most importantly - laughed so much. That is good for the soul. You both look great in your outfits!

Gloria said...

What wonderful memories you will have from your Derby weekend! And yes, you ladies looked fantastic!

Unknown said...

I'm so jealous! On a whim I looked up tickets, but I decided not to even suggest the idea to my husband after we just paid for so much wedding stuff. I'm hoping we can splurge in two years (next year we're tentatively going to France!).

Sabrina said...

It looked like a gorgeous day, I loved seeing on TV all the hats and dresses! My surroundings while watching the Derby weren't quite as glamorous - at a bar at 3pm drinking an overly sweet mint julep and eating sweet potato tater tots :)

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