Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Best New Toy

Over the weekend, Meg and I joined Mom on a trip to Costco. We had descended on the house for an afternoon of sunshine and naps out on the deck and it had reached the point in the day where we had both soaked up plenty of sun.

Meg found this inflatable miracle and instantly knew that this was The One. She needed this floating couch in her life and, look, Mom, it is only $99 and it has cup holders! 

As she does, Meg got her way and the inflatable was loaded into the cart after Meg promised my mother that she would be in charge of blowing it up and patching holes and all general maintenance of the floating couch.

You would have thought we were more like 7 and 11, not 27 and 31, the way we got home and instantly had to set it up and try it out but maturity is overrated. What is not overrated is the incredible floating couch.

This sucker has seating for five and it's all mesh in the middle so you can soak your feet. There is a ladder for swimming and an "anchor" which is basically a bag in which you can keep your cans cool using the water beneath you.

What the incredible floating couch does not have is a motor, which we didn't realize was a major inconvenience until yesterday. Meg, our cousin Liz and I floated out to the middle of the lake. And drank margaritas. And then realized that we weren't getting back unless we dragged it in behind us.

Which is really hard to do if you've had a lot of sun and plenty of margaritas and you're laughing so hard that you can barely breathe.


Gloria Johnson said...

I'm way older than you and I would LOVE a floating couch on a lake! That looks like so much fun and the best $99 your mom has ever spent!

Anonymous said...

we were on one all weekend too - seats 6 and a mesh middle for a couple people to cuddle in too. :) we just tied it to the boats we had anchored up in a cove. so much fun!!

Danielle said...

OMG that sounds amaze!!! No one is too old for an inflatable water couch. I bet your Mom is totally going to use it when you guys are not around!

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