Thursday, April 10, 2014


I run a half-marathon on Saturday.

And, because of that, I had planned to go for a run on Tuesday. I looked at houses instead.

And, because of that, I had planned to go for a run tonight. I worked late. I stopped by Mom and Dad's house. I did not run.

Nor have I figured out where exactly I need to go to pick up my race packet. Or park my car on race day. I haven't bought Shot Bloks, my favorite gnarly-tasting race fuel, or looked up my bib number.

I have exactly one thing going for me: I have my race outfit picked out. Only because I bought it last month and never even bothered to tuck it inside my closet.

I'm just unprepared. It isn't like I haven't run a race feeling unprepared before. I did it in October. And I ran a personal best.

I'm still not thrilled that I'm in this position again. I should be ready. But I'm not. There isn't anything that I can do about it but be stressed over the runs that I haven't gone on. Which doesn't do me any good.

Nor do I have any room in my body for any more stress. Work. House hunting. Trying to organize for summer soccer and a trip to Brazil and a move that is probably inevitable but maybe isn't. Keeping my nail polish looking presentable. Finding time to read and cook and shop for the perfect running outfits and shower and sleep.  

This just a race.

I run a half-marathon on Saturday.

But I've been running a marathon for weeks.


Anonymous said...

you & me both, girl. (except for the whole house game.) but hey, we've run them before! we'll be fine tomorrow!

Sabrina said...

Since you seem like a person who has her sh*t together, sometimes being unprepared is OK! You know that in the end, it'll all come together. Hope you rocked the race!

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