Thursday, April 17, 2014

Return of the Derby Girls

I've mentioned that Lucy and I are making our grand return to the Kentucky Derby in a few weeks, right? Because we are. And I am so excited.

I booked us rooms shortly after the Derby last year, just in case. And then we abandoned the idea and thought we would go to the Belmont -- the third leg in the triple-crown series -- instead. I wasn't crazy about traveling to New York so close to when I was leaving for Brazil but Chet wanted to join us (and bring the babies along, too, though they wouldn't go with us to the races) and that seemed like a fair compromise.

But I didn't cancel our hotel reservations.

Then, a couple of months ago, Lucy and Chet took the babies on a short weekend trip. Chet was exposed to the challenges of travelling with the babies and suddenly he thought that maybe it would be better if we put off the Belmont for another year and Lucy and I just made the shorter drive to Kentucky, alone, instead.

What a guy.

In a matter of 10 hours after Chet made the suggestion, Lucy and I had it all figured out: we had dinner reservations and giddy plans to make up for the drinking that we didn't partake in last year (when Lucy was pregnant with Baby L and I was sober in solidarity) and return to that one amazing coffee shop and eat another sinfully delicious apple fritter and win, like, a lot of money. All while wearing the hats that we already had made.

Yes, you read that correctly. Because we are insane and also obsessive, Lucy and I made our hats last summer.

Gear up for the return of the Derby fashion post, dear friends. We have dresses to buy and accessories to coordinate! 


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